Project Background

Gutit is a suit of applications, where local, national and international companies get a platform to showcase their products and services. As a scalable solution, Gutit has moderators and supervisors as part of their quality maintenance force, with a core mandate of maintaining quality and integrity of the businesses and making certain customers/users obtain satisfaction in business transactions conducted on the platform. As a single suit, Gutit provides such features as multi-vendor e-commerce, real-time chat, email and electronic wallet solutions.


We were required to develop a suit of applications. Any type of business, whether they are endemically local e-commerce or have a national presence or indeed have both local and national effects, can present themselves to their customers via Gutit. While in turn thriving on customer satisfaction and quality as key success factors in their respective industries. The following were the suit of applications required in order to achieve Gutit’s aforementioned suit of products:

  • 1. Registration of different types of businesses.

  • 2. A model for the business-process flow with a view of maintaining quality and customer satisfaction with the help of moderators and supervisor.

  • 3. Multi-vendor E-commerce

  • 4. Email service

  • 5. Chat service

  • 6. Wallet system

Technical Stack

  • Python
  • Javascript
  • Angular-5
  • MySQL
  • Elastic Search
  • AWS
  • Android
  • IOS
  • Google maps
  • Celery
  • PGP
  • Openfire
  • XMPP
  • Firebase

Project Screens


  • 1. Hierarchy of company employees in terms of Supervisors and moderators to maintain quality.

  • 2. Multi-vendor e-commerce platform to sell products and services.

  • 3. Wallet system for transactions from customer to business.

  • 4. Email for the customers to get connected with each other and businesses.

  • 5. XMPP and openfire were used for the chat-service implementation.

  • 6. A graph-algorithm was used for making friends and connections as well as suggesting friends of friends.


  • 1. The biggest challenge was to make it a scalable solution suitable for a multi-country enabled product in one shot. Accordingly, it is expected that this solution shall be used by at least 10 million users and 1 million businesses within the first year of deployment.

  • 2. To provide the best customer experience, Gutit has a business flow with a multiplicity of actors involved, including but not limited to moderators and supervisors. While the flow and interactions between a business entity and a consumer needs to be transparent, neither should be allowed carte blanche by being able to interact directly with the other, as this has the potential of either party irritating the other. The creation of such a process-flow was one of the most challenging milestones.


We have successfully launched the beta version of Gutit with beta users and businesses. Now we are executing full white-and-black box beta-testing.

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