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It’s a tremendous idea to create customized & trustworthy chat software like Whatsapp. Chat software strikes an important role in chat and messaging. It casts light on fast, simple, secure messaging and helps interact with customers easily by using tools to automate, sort, and quickly respond to messages.

Custom Chat is definitely not a piece of cake. Especially, if you want to launch an alternative to SMS. We are building products with the aim of simplifying the internet by bringing the world online. Your messages and calls will be secured with end-to-end encryption, meaning that no third party can read or listen to them. We mainly focus on Product design, Engineering, Culture, and most importantly Security while creating a Real-time chat application.

Our Real-Time Chat Services

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Industries suited for Real Time Chat

  • E-Commerce
  • Real Estate
  • Travel & Hospitality
  • Telecom
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Social Media

Why us?

  • Team of industry experts
  • 5 Years of average and 200+ years of combined total experience.
  • Modular, scalable and secure design
  • Agile development
  • In-house dedicated resources
  • Neat and clean code with full ownership
  • Single point of contact for better management
  • Full team of BA, PM, Team lead, Architects, Designers, Developers
  • Hire on demand to lower the cost
  • Post release support

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