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Our mission is to provide our clients with best-in-class service for door-to-door shipment of their goods, thus it helps them gaining customers’ and business partners’ trust and satisfaction.

Before starting delivery, checking roads and bridges decide whether it's better to move by road or by rail, which traffic steering patterns are needed in order to pass each portion of the route. Athmin offers integrated and intelligent logistics solutions that create value. We help you plan, manage and improve the performance of your supply chain. Whatever your company requires, and wherever your commodities’ journey begins and/or ends: you can easily pass it. Our engineering team helps in the preparation and execution phases of the shipment in order to guarantee safe delivery. India’s emergence in the global business panorama has given a boost to the native logistics industry like never before.

Our Delivery Services

Route optimization

Package distribution

Vehicle assignment

Real-time Monitoring and Control

Time-defined/Slot-based Delivery

Returns Management


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Industries suited for Logistics Solutions

  • FMCG
  • Agriculture
  • E-commerce
  • Banking
  • Hyperlocal service providers
  • Packers and movers

Why us?

  • Team of industry experts
  • 5 Years of average and 200+ years of combined total experience.
  • Modular, scalable and secure design
  • Agile development
  • In-house dedicated resources
  • Neat and clean code with full ownership
  • Single point of contact for better management
  • Full team of BA, PM, Team lead, Architects, Designers, Developers
  • Hire on demand to lower the cost
  • Post release support

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