How to find the right influencers for your business


In the era of 90s, brands were using traditional approaches to promote their products and services among masses but now the scenario has entirely changed, Influential marketing has taken exponential leaps of growth and left many advertisement publications speechless with the new, young and cogent roster of influencers from Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, etc.

These influencers have millions of following on their social media platforms and by just pushing your product link on their story, you can imagine how much profit you can generate.



However, finding the perfect influencer that aligns with your brand can be a tough task. We’ll help you understand what kind of influencer you need for your brand.


  1. 1. Be specific about what you want to achieve

  2. Be straightforward about the objective you want to achieve (More engagement, new followers, product likes, tracked sales). Quantify your results on the basis of already achieved targets and what kind of audience the influencer can give to you.


    1. 2. Segment of Influencers

    There is no point of pitching your product/service to an influencer whose audience does not come under your required target audience. A brand must know how to differentiate between qualitative approaches from a quantitative approach while opting for influential marketing.


    1. 3. Investigate Influencer Engagement Rate

    Narrow down your selected influencer’s engagement on the basis of - Number of followers, Area specific followers, Age, Gender and obviously popularity.


    1. 4. Integrity & Success rate of the influencer

    Integrity is critical. Ideally, influencer should use your product or service once before telling his/her followers to do the same. Always ask your influencers how they grew their followers, some influencers use organic ways to gain followers but some use paid advertisements to increase their following. Use organically shaped influencers, Always.




    1. 5. Strategy

    Strategy means having a complete plan of the deliverables that you will be granting to the influencer and his/her achievable timeline with content and graphics


    1. 6. Brands Alignment

    Will your existing audience correlate with influencer?

    Influencer should have a loyal following that you can take leverage of.


    1. 7. Conflict of Interest

    Influencer should not be under an obligation of any other contract which serves the same industry and audience type. You should ask how does an influencer decide, which brands he’ll work for and what type of content can be published?


    1. 8. Content Rights

    Ownership is important over content.


    1. 9. Engagement

    Only on the grounds of past engagements and branding of other products by an influencer, you can’t rule whether that influencer will fulfill or not. You need an influencer who secures a high level of engagement for your brand. Just because an influencer has 10M followers does not mean you can leverage his database to sell your product. Do your research thoroughly and once you find the right influencer, it becomes so easy, convenient and authentic to engage your audience.


    1. 10. Build a lasting relationship

    Other than business schemes, influencers can help with new approaches and techniques to sell your products and involve with youth because as per the prevailing situation they are the “youth” and doing wonders.