How to build a food ordering app



Eating is something that everyone loves to do. It becomes much better when you get food at the comfort of your home while watching movies, playing games, reading books, or just having fun with your friends or family.


Food delivery app is the new trend, restaurants getting their app developed and providing the delivery at your doorstep from a wide variety of food.

Few ways to grow your food delivery business:

  • More scalable model
  • Good Customer Service
  • No Difficulties in Ordering
  • Build your Customer Database
  • Crush your Competition
  • Instantly go live
  • 24*7 System Support



Things to keep in mind while building a food delivery app


While creating a food delivery app, some basic things that should be taken care are simple and clean design, minimalistic UI / UX with no unnecessary features, visual enhancement, and local restaurant data integration.


We need to start first in the local area so that we can check the working of the app in real-time. After testing the working of the app, we promote the app so that more users can use the app. Getting feedback from customers help in improvising the app


Market Research and Target Audience


The first step for product development is selecting a range of audience that you will be focusing on. The primary target needs to be busy lifestyle people like students, working professionals, entrepreneurs as they don’t have enough time to go to a restaurant or cook food. Make sure research about your competitors and make yourself aware of the functions and working of their system which helps to improvise in your plan.


Technical Aspects


The most crucial part before app development is to choose the right technology for your app. Either it will be PHP or Ruby, an app needs to have a responsive design, easy to use and muat have attractive visuals.


Functions & Feature


Those people who order from delivery apps want to be in their comfort zone, thus your app must be simple to navigate and easy to customize as per the user needs. A sleek design and an introductory tour that can help users find their way around for the first time.

Some of the important features that needs to be in your app:

  • There should be an option for quick orders which lands user to their previous orders or popular items of that particular restaurant.
  • There should be detailed information about the restaurant, with menu and prices indicated, and it will be much better if there is an image of food on the menu.
  • A geolocation feature is much needed as it helps the user to pick from the nearby restaurants that deliver to the user’s location.
  • An inbuilt tracker is needed to keep tracking the order status with map integration.
  • Various mode of payment like COD, Net Banking, Credit/Debit Card, etc should be added.
  • SMS notification for order related updates such as order confirmation, order dispatch, etc.
  • A custom search option for searching the restaurant, food of your choice, or for finding food at any particular location.
  • Log in or sign up through social media account.
  • The ability for users to leave ratings, give reviews, bookmark their favorite places.
  • A user can view their previous orders and transaction history




During the initial stage, an app is launched as a beta version to check the features and faults in the app. It helps the developers get to know the errors which they did not pay attention to and get feedback about potential improvements. Continuous improvisation and constructive criticism are two things that you gotta love if you want to stay for a long time in this hyper-competitive market.

Food delivery is a great platform that will become more popular in the near future. To be competitive, you should use the perks of technologies that are provided, and a mobile app is the best option to provide your customers with the ability to order food from wherever they are.

As you have read this article and I hope it has made a few things clear about the development of a food delivery app, you can now build your own app keeping the above-mentioned things in mind.