How to build a Cab-hailing app


Nowadays booking a taxi has become affordable. People are getting influenced by the on-demand taxi service model. Having hassle-free ride without any argument of fare with a wide range of cabs holding various payment options makes it work perfectly in today's world. People are getting services as per their need whenever they need it. Let’s move further and plan the traits you require in a cab-hailing mobile-app


Basically, you need two divisions for your mobile app, each category has their own list of features:

  • Customer app
  • Driver app




Customer App Features:


  • Track Ride
  • It provides an option to track ride after booking


  • Fare Estimation
  • A passenger can know their fare estimation before booking the ride by entering pickup and drop location.


  • Multiple Modes of Payment
  • For the ease of passenger, providing multiple payment options e.g. credit card, debit card, cash, mobile wallets, etc. will be an add on feature.


  • Ride History
  • The passenger can check the rides he/she has taken the the past.


  • Book Now - Ride later
  • Ride can be scheduled before the actual time of ride. Once the ride is booked, rider will recieve a confirmation message with all the details.


  • Book for Others
  • This feature gives you the ability to book ride for others at the same location or for any different location and the rider will get notified after getting their ride booked.


  • SOS Button
  • For the security of passenger, SOS button to keep rider safe. If a rider feels threatened or sense danger during your ride, this button can be used.


  • Saved Destination
  • This gives you ability to save the location for daily commuter, so that they don’t need to enter the same destination everyday.


Driver App Features:


  • Driver Delivery Reports
  • It is used as a safety feature for the passengers as well as drivers. This report provides the summary of the driver’s driving style during the entire week, month, etc. It helps you recognize the driver’s behaviour and their driving style.


  • Route optimization
  • This feature helps driver to take the fastest and efficient route to reach the destination ASAP.


  • Cancellation Window
  • It provides driver the ability to cancel the ride after certain waiting time, if the passenger has not arrived within the time.


  • Heat Maps
  • Heat map is an advanced feature which helps drivers to know where the demand of cab is higher. It helps them earning more money by reaching those locations faster.


  • Forward Dispatch
  • It helps driver to accept the request of another ride when they are about to complete their current ride.




Cab hailing app development is a long-term commitment. You need to work so hard from the time you start conceptualizing about the idea till the release of the beta version of the app. You need to make marketing analysis to know the trending features, customer requirements along with the driver requirements.


Powerful Points


  • It needs to be a user friendly app.
  • Smooth UI/UX designs.
  • Attractive visuals and graphics.
  • Real-time functionality.




Cab-hailing app development is quite risky, yet many of the cab-hailing services are available nowadays and operating well so it worth a try. As new technologies are expanding and with the uncertain market dynamics you can be the owner of the new upcoming Cab-hailing service.

If you have any concerns or doubts about the cost or management of making a cab-hailing app, then help us know your exact requirements and we will help you reach the zenith.