The idea in 2019 is to be ubiquitous.



2019 is assumed to be one of the most fruitful, transformative and inventive years for retail e-commerce sector yet. E-commerce being the biggest market in terms of growth & revenue, companies need to be well versed amidst the latest trends, and for e-commerce merchants, this means staying on your toes to get ahead.


In this column, we’ll address the prime emerging e-commerce trends you should follow in 2019 to beat your competition.


  1. 1. User-friendly App

A small business needs to assure that they can offer a great [user] experience on smartphones. Many buyers use their mobile devices to make purchases, with ease and approachability being major priorities for online purchasers. If you want your products to sell, you'll have to make your mobile app as user-friendly as possible.


  1. 2. Content

Choicest content will be a barrier for many e-commerce startups in 2019. In the digital marketing world, blog content and SEO are mundane. But very few eCommerce startups are utilizing their blog. They might have their product pages optimized for search, but optimizing a page can only get you so distant.


  1. 3. AI will make a difference

AI has already been used in many industry sectors, it can mold itself as it gains exposure to user interests. Ecommerce pros to better understand consumer behavior and narrowly provide personalized commodity recommendations. It will be used heavily in 2019 to help identify how customers are shopping on a business's site. This change is extremely necessary as shoppers often abandon a purchase due to lack of product information.




  1. 4. User Experience

As long as you are fulfilling the user’s interest, the user will keep visiting. It’s all about removing friction & making it easy for users to get what they want. To leverage user data, however, it's important that you understand how best to use it for your brand and audience by understanding your audience. The result is an entirely new and immersive e-commerce encounter for brands and consumers using the tech


  1. 5. Paid Media

To be a dominant player in the e-commerce business, one needs to adopt paid media(Facebook and Google advertisements) in their marketing gameplan in order to squeeze profit from entrants like Amazon and Flipkart. Gone are the days where you could anticipate to hit $2,000,000 earnings based on your own paid media training or organic mediums.


  1. 6. Social Media

Social media is a dominant machine for e-commerce ventures. You should leverage it as both a marketing tactic and a customer service intermediary to pull and preserve buyers. Don’t communicate with your customers when you want to sell them something, create an online community of your dependable users and make them feel comfortable to purchase your products. This can be as simple as posting relevant and engaging content you see every day on social media platforms. Furthermore, try to personalize communications rather than continuously sending a burst of emails to your entire contact list. So, if you aren’t getting leads by generating traffic, Social Media is the place to be!