Why Should You Use Django for Web Development? : The Who, What, Why and How




What is this Django? Well, to start off, it is an open-sourced and free of cost web application framework managed by its core, Python. So basically, it provides users with readily presented components that help you build websites in a simplified manner with clean architectures (its main selling point). The purpose of Django is to serve developers who often have to use similar components time and time again for different purposes. Instead of starting all over again, the framework provides ready solutions and makes things easier for them in the web development process.

People often confuse Django and its mother platform, Python as being the same thing. Sorry to disappoint, but they are not. Think of them as being intertwined, but not at all twins. To give you a little backstory on Python, it’s a popular programming language that is an all-rounder one and is used for various fields in scientific technology. Artificial intelligence is a prominent being a mere framework of it in order to carry out web development. However, when it comes to building websites you can use either one. Python provides users to make them through scratch whereas Django has a little pre-planned feature included.




How Django helps in web development activities?


If you consider all the different frameworks established by the core Python, Django probably stands out amongst the rest. It is the most popular framework and rightfully so. In fact, the makers state that Django was created to meet the newsroom like deadlines which customers might face. The framework attempts to not only provide excellent class websites but also get the job done in time. These two features are what every developer strives for so how can there be anything else?


Django is for perfectionists that don’t really have a lot of time on their hands. It consists of a simplified syntax and code that easily understandable. Like we mentioned earlier, Django strives to provide clean and architectural content for the user. This well-structured format is great for people who are a little particular and want to turn their vision into a reality in the best way possible.




The whole strategy of the framework is also to build websites as fast as its technologically possible. The framework actually uses older codes in order to save so much time off entering them again. Django is a great option for those users who do not have all the time in the world but still want to produce a good end result. Django also comes with everything including an approach that not many competitors provide. You see, it even consists of built-in HTML templates among other already present features to give you a kick start for the website.


Overall, Django is growing widely, introducing itself to not only web development generics, but also a lot of new and popular platforms. Social networking applications like Instagram are known to use Django for its ability to handle large amounts of data, which obviously a million dollar platform like Instagram would have.