What Is AWS ? Reasons For Its Increasing Popularity.




AWS or the Amazon web services can be described as an accumulation of the remote computing services which can also be called as web services that contribute to form a cloud computing platform offered by Amazon.com on the web. Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3 are the most popular ones. Basically, the services of AWS have the objective to provide an essential solution for all the hosting problems.

In today’s tech-advanced world, services like Dropbox along with popular websites like Reddit make use of the very popular AWS.



The Depth Of AWS

The AWS platform which is offered by Amazon makes use of services that are interrelated so as to make strong business solutions. There are many already existing or pre built services also which can prove to be superb for many businesses. There is also an option where the businesses can go for their customised cloud solutions as well, this is one of the probable reasons why AWS is so popular among small & big enterprises, apart from the ones mentioned below :

Advantages Of AWS



Offering Services That Are Mobile Friendly


The services which are offered by AWS are compatible with the two most popular mobile platforms namely, Android and IOS. The AWS Mobile Support hub assists the developers to choose and develop suitable features for their app. With the help of AWS console the developers can very easily access complete AWS service like development, testing, as well as monitoring of any kind of mobile app. Further, the mobile apps can be accordingly selected & configured consisting of features like push notification and content delivery.


The Functions Are Cloud-Based & Server Less


Amazon Gateway & API help users in the process of scaling and coding. The users are required just to upload their code to the mobile phones and all the processes related to the server are taken care of by Amazon itself. The AWS developers only need to focus on the development of their while the server management and all its related aspects like ; scaling, patching, and infrastructure administration is handled by Amazon.


Offers Storage That Is Economical


The storage that is offered by Amazon, is extremely flexible, easy to use and above all very economical. The storage has the option of being used in combination or independently so as to meet the business requirements. The 2 types of storage options are

  1. Amazon Glacier
  2. Amazon EBS


Scalability and Adaptability

Amazon has awe-inspiring speed and its price is modifiable that may be changed as per customer’s want or usage, which becomes quite helpful for small businesses and start-ups to manage their computing desires. Presence of all the tools makes it a nice building platform for each business. The affordable migration service is additionally provided by AWS to manoeuver the prevailing system in a seamless manner to AWS. The usage which is entirely flexible makes the expansion of businesses very easy.


Reliability and Security

This is obvious that AWS is way safer than any personal or personal hosting. The dozens of knowledge centers everywhere in the world are monitored and maintained incessantly. This kind of storing and accessing knowledge ensures that no kind of disaster or data loss might occur.

AWS information centers cannot be known simply and are quite hidden. All the info stored in these locations are completely safe from intrusions. Amazon will quickly establish the potential risk to the information center and information in case of any threat.



Amazon is changing the retail space of the whole world, and even its web services have become popular and preferred by the business owners. The AW services are now favourite of many business owners and as discussed above are a few reasons why this is so! The Amazon Web Services help many businesses to expand their reach and revenue earning abilities but in a cost-effective manner. We can also conclude by saying that the AWS services are much preferred over the other popular cloud services and to experience that in order, you just need to make yourself eligible for the services and thus be organised.